Monday, September 7, 2009

Fav songs: Karisma And Govinda!

Work and the new semester is kicking my a**! Sooo the posts will unfortunately be even less frequent than usual.
Karisma and Govinda did many movies together and have many hits together. theyre considered a pair along wiht David Dhawana and have a some crazy songstogether with crazy dance moves. They always matched each other step by step.

1. Yaad sataye teri neend churaye- Raja Babu
Most people prefer 'sarkailo khatiya' because its funny and vulgar and just plain crazy. But i like this song because its catchy and along the lines of a sridevi-jeetendra song. the colors, beach sequence and instruments.

2. Meri pant bhi sexy- Dulaara
Govinda sang this song himself.

3. Tumsa koi pyara- Khuddar
one of the few non-comic movies that the two did. It had a very good story and this song was a classic.

4. Sona kitna sona hai- Hero no 1
My favorite movie from that pair, Ive watched it many times over. its not so much as funny as romantic. Another song i also like is 'mohabbat ki nahin jaati' which is a romantic song and they manage to throw in a comic element into it.

5. Husn hai suhana & Main to rasthe se ja rahi thi- Coolie no 1
The first song shows what awesome dancers the two were and hwo they matched step by step. The second song has crazy lyrics about eating ice cream and not caring if grandmothers dying.

6. i love you bol daal- Haseena Maan Jayegi

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Darshit said...

great collection !! I remember how popular these songs were, in nineties !!!