Thursday, August 27, 2009

Fav songs: Preity Zinta!

Preity Zinta has her own distinct style of acting and is adorable. She also hates being called so! She is one of the better actresses of the Millenium.

1. Jiya Jale - Dil se
her first movie and most famous song.

2. Jaane Kyun- Dil Chahta hai
One of my fav films and a cute song with PZ and Aamir's characers arguing about falling in love.

3. Dil Laga Liya- Dil hai Tumhara
She really does look like a doll here.

4. Piya Piya- Har dil Jo Pyar Kareha
Preity and Rani were rivals but worked wonders together, along the lines of Sridevi and Jaya Prada.

5. Tu Jahan Main Wahan- Salaam Namaste
PZ made the best pair wiht Saif Ali Khan.

6. Bol na halke halke- Jhoom Barabar jhoom
Horrible movie, awesome song.


Darshit said...

I 'love' tu jahan. But again, my dil goes ummm,... Makes me go ummm. :-) also she looked fab in 'mahi vey' . Jiya jale has really nice moves :-P.

bollywooddeewana said...

I love the piya piya song, its a total earworm

Anonymous said...

you know my feelings on preity--LOVED HER in dil hai tumhara

shell said...

Hi. Can't believe I haven't been to your blog before. I love Preity (I'd rank her among my fav 5 heroines) and this is a great post. I've seen most of those songs and agree she's adorable in all of them (plus I also agree that she and Saif make a wonderful jodi for sure).