Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Songs of the week! Female Duets!

I think I've missed a week or two and I also don't remember what day I wanted to set aside for this. Sorry, but this might happen time and time again because I suffer from ADD ;p
I'm not sure what Id like to call this..but I love when there are female duet dancing songs of either sisters or best friends.

50s: Film: Azaad Song- 'Aplam Chaplam..'
forget the remix, listen to the original! These girls dance so well and they are also sisters in real life.

60s: Film: Parasmani Song: Hasta hua noorani chehra
I love this song, made popular from the pillow game scene in 'Hum Aapke hain koun'

7os: Film: The Burning Train Song: Meri nazar hai tujhpe
This is actually from 1980 but I really love this song and I think it still represents the 70's era

80s: Film- Joshilay Song-'dhak dhak jiya kare'

90s: Film: Kshatriya Song: Dil na kisi ka jaye

2000s: Film: Har dil jo pyar karega Song: Piya Piya o Piya

I have to add in a honorable mention to Karisma and Madhuri's Dance of Envy From Dil to Pagal Hai because it is too awesome.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Ninne Pelladatha (1996) - Southie!

I'm so bummed! my laptop isn't working properly because I probably got a virus and I was smart enough to try to use it without an anti-virus program. I just got the darn thing too! Well hopefully I"ll get it fixed up soon. So for now I'm using my sister's yucky old one for this short little post.

Instead of doing my paper last night, I watched a Telugu film called 'Ninne Pelladatha' by Krishna Vamsi starring Tabu and Nagarjuna. I actually watched it without any subtitles and went by any english words thrown in and expressions and setting so sometimes I was a little lost by certain things. I'm hoping someone can help me out with whatever I didn't get.

The story is pretty much that Mahalaxmi (Tabu) and Seenu (Nagarjuna) are from two loving families who are mad at each other. Tabu's mom belonged to Nagarjuna's family (I think she was a sister?) and ran away to marry Tabu's dad the day of her wedding so her brothers beat them up and they didn't talk for all those years.
Mahalaxmi goes Hyderabad on her own to enroll in pilot training classes and ends up living with Seenu's family (How and why that happens I don't know because of language problems so if anyone knows please tell me!) and Mahalaxmi and Seenu slowly fall in love. His family loves her and accepts her but they get separated when they find out who her parents are. Whether there is a happy ending or not, I'll leave that up in the air.

This movie is one of those wholesome family love stories that I loveeeee. It represented so many of my favorite hindi romance movies in almost every scene. Mahalaxmi and Seenu were adorable with each other whether they were flirting or picking on each other. I love when he finds out her nickname by accident and runs around calling her that to irk her because she hates that name (The name was something like Pendu; wonder what it means). Tabu and Nagarjuna were a treat to watch becuase of how well they looked together and individually their expressions and mannerisms were very lively. I beleive Tabu won the south filmfare best actress award for this movie.

photo taken from

Seenu's family was show to be really sweet and loving and I liked that they didn't show any fights within the family. His mom was played by actress Laxmi from 'Julie'; she was a lively character and tabu's character Mahalaxmi is actually her namesake. I couldn't help thinking of 'Hum aapke hain koun' especially when the boys are sneaking up on the woman having their own night of fun and the way she cooks for him one night they are alone and they declare their love each other secretly.

photo taken from

The soundtrack of the movie was done by Sandeep Chowtha and is a very nice album. I've heard all the songs earlier so I beleive they were quite popular and i think some the tunes might have been carried over to some hindi movie or a remake of it. I love the first song 'greeka veerudu' where Mahalaxmi is describing her dream guy (ala DDLJ) to her mother to be like Alexander the great.

Here are some other songs I really liked:
this one sounds like 'chahe dil ke kareeb' from Socha na tha


Oddly, I started my first sort-of review with a south film. Well it's due to my broken laptop and a film is a film, regardless of language.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Non-film music of the week feat. Alisha!

Alisha Chinai has a great voice and was considered the 'pop diva' of India and was extremely popular in the 90's; here are two songs that are my favorites.
'Lover girl' featuring Marc Robinson, who now owns his own modelling agency and has previously dated Preity Zinta. 'Made in India' features supermodel Milind Soman (can we say SO HOT?) who has dated Bipasha Basu and is now dating Shahana Goswami. Hope these bring back some memories ;p

Friday, April 10, 2009

Salman Khan campaigning!

Salman Khan is campaigning and asking for votes for the BJP and Vinod Khanna. I don't particularly care about all that but I'm loving how good he looks after losing that weight and standing next to another favorite hunk of mine..Vinod Khanna!
Aamir Khan advised Salman to give up drinking to help lose weight for the shooting of Veer. It's definitely working!

Here's a video of him talking to the crowd and being funny ;p

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Songs of the week!

Spring break is here for me! a week and a half of not waking up early..hell yea!
Well, the saying goes that 'April showers bring May flowers' so here are some songs about rain for you guys ;p

50s: Film- Chori Chori Song- Yeh Raat bheegi bheeghi

60s: Film- Do Raaste Song- chup gaye saare

70s: Film- Manzil Song- Rhim jhim gire saawan

80s: Film- Betaab Song- Badal yuh garaj tha hai

90s: Film- Sir Song- Sun sun barsat ki dhun sun..

2000s: Film-Guru Song-Barso Re

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Non-filmi Music of the week!

What happened to indipop and even remixes after that? the videos were so good then..
being lazy and a little busy with exams so leaving you guys with a song
Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan's 'Afreen Afreen' featuring a veryyy hott Lisa Ray.
There was a time when she was the most popular international looking face of India and when Aishwarya Rai [Bachchan] came into the modelling world she was compared to Lisa Ray.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Songs of the Week!

I thought I'd do a weekly thing (or more often) of songs I like from each era, this should be fun!

50's: Film: Howrah Bridge Song: Aaye Meherbaan..

60's: Film: Woh kaun thi? Song: lag ja gale

70's: Film: Caravan Song: Chadhti jawani meri chaal mastani

80's: Film: Saagar Song: Sagar Kinare, dil yeh pukare..

90's: Film: Imtihaan Song: Is tarah aashiqui ka

2000's: Film Bhaghban Song: Pehli Kabhi