Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Songs of the week! Female Duets!

I think I've missed a week or two and I also don't remember what day I wanted to set aside for this. Sorry, but this might happen time and time again because I suffer from ADD ;p
I'm not sure what Id like to call this..but I love when there are female duet dancing songs of either sisters or best friends.

50s: Film: Azaad Song- 'Aplam Chaplam..'
forget the remix, listen to the original! These girls dance so well and they are also sisters in real life.

60s: Film: Parasmani Song: Hasta hua noorani chehra
I love this song, made popular from the pillow game scene in 'Hum Aapke hain koun'

7os: Film: The Burning Train Song: Meri nazar hai tujhpe
This is actually from 1980 but I really love this song and I think it still represents the 70's era

80s: Film- Joshilay Song-'dhak dhak jiya kare'

90s: Film: Kshatriya Song: Dil na kisi ka jaye

2000s: Film: Har dil jo pyar karega Song: Piya Piya o Piya

I have to add in a honorable mention to Karisma and Madhuri's Dance of Envy From Dil to Pagal Hai because it is too awesome.


Darshit said...

I was thinking of putting 'Piya Piya' in comments. But voila, you had it. Also I just love 'Hansta hua noorani chehra' the way it was used in HAHK was unforgettable.

Anonymous said...

my mom has been wanting to see Azaad for some time now. can't seem to find a legit copy anywhere. the girls in the video are well synchronized.

but my favorite of all these would have to be the sequence from Dil to Pagal Hai. charged in every way possible. Though, I do wish the guys had more clothes on.

BeautyTalk said...

love girly duets :)

Anonymous said...

Thanks a lot. I plan to sing a female duet with my friend for Diwali Mela and this is v useful.. lovely songs.

Anonymous said...

thanks for this. Planning to sing a female duet with a friend and this is v useful. lovely selection