Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Govinda Shattered!

It happened one night, far away from Bombay. In the remote corner of Karjat. While the world slept peacefully, one couple stood glaring at each other across their bedroom. Peace evaded them. Govinda and Sunita were ready to fight it out. Their lives had been shattered. It would never be the same again….
‘ You cheated on me, now you are openly flaunting her in front of me. I will kill that….. if need be,’ she screamed tears streaming down her face. ‘ Why does it happen to me. I am asking you for nothing but at least give me my due’, Sunita cried. He stood helpless and frustrated. There was very little he could do to calm her down. She was beyond control.
‘ I have done nothing wrong. You are just imagining things. People are feeding you with rubbish and instead of trusting your husband, you prefer to believe total strangers,’ Govinda retorted guiltily. But he knew that this time he had crssed the limits. He did not want to hurt his wife, he loved her. But…. he was in a turmoil. It was an eternal triangle.
Govinda and Sunita, the two angles of a triangle. The third was Divya Bharati, the sexy siren, who was threatening the foundation of their marriage. She was young, a little immature. To her he was her childhood idol, so what if he was a married man. She could not stop liking him.
‘ Yes, I do admit that I have a soft corner for Divya. I know that Divya is a very sexy girl. Just like Maneka who seduced Vishwamitra, Divya too can do the same. She can shake the very being of any man. Of course, sometimes I too do get attracted to her. It is a fact that my wife and I did have a fight over Divya in Karjat.’ He admitted sheepishly.
Once Govinda had gone deep into the archives of his memory, there was no stopping him. Hesitatingly he disclosed more, ‘ I know it sounds very clich├ęd but Khushboo was another of my favorites. She agreed to work with me when no other heroine was ready to sign a film with me. The first girl I held in my arms was Khushboo.
‘ Before this contact, I was a boy who did puja for three hours. She was the one who made me a man. She was very kind and co-operative; she had no pretensions about herself. Yes, you can say that we were infatuated with each other. The vibes were there. But….’ His voice trailed off. There was an uncomfortable pause.
(Excerpts from Stardust, October 1991)

Saturday, February 23, 2008