Thursday, July 16, 2009

Interviewing Salman Khan!

Here is a little preview of a new Salman Khan interview. Now if you know SK, you know he hates interviews and any questions about his personal life. He will hit you right back with a crazy answer to a question about something touchy. She asks him about marriage, celebrating Katrina Kaif's birthday this year and a patch up with Shah Rukh Khan. This journalist is definitely digging her own grave ;p
In another recent interview with Anuradha Sen Gupta 'Beautiful People', SK tells the journalist that he is only answerable to his fans and he doesn't trust journalists nor does he feel comfortable sharing his emotions with them becuase he does not know them. He's thoroughly honest so it is enjoyable to watch to get an insight into him. Anything he says or does, they turn it around and he hates that. some people might consider him rude or crazy, but this is just him being himself and his fans love him for that.
Just as there is this side to him, there is also the side of him being himself on his show 'Dus Ka Dum'. He interacts with his fans, friends and colleagues and hes enjoying himself, being genuine and funny.

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