Thursday, March 26, 2009

Aishwarya as Barbie?

Update** AIshwarya has turned down the offer as of now..

Aishwarya's getting a barbie doll modelled after her. They keep stressing in articles about how the doll will have her green eyes and a dress like her. She's not known for having awesome dress sense and does having green eyes really mean they are prettier? Would she have even been as accepted so beautiful if she didn't have those green eyes that make her non-indian looking? I do believe she is very beautiful but I don't think she deserves to actually represent bollywood besides the fact she's the only one that really marketed herself internationally as being the face of bollywood and 'the most gorgeous Indian face' ever (I feel that crown belongs to Sridevi, but that's a whole different post altogether). She has delivered more flops and hits and more than that, she has more awful performances than ones she can be appreciated in. If some of the other actresses tried they could have achieved that international bollywood rep title as well. Bipasha Basu and Kareena Kapoor have quite an international face and look more Indian than Aishwarya does. They have far better performances and better bodies that work internationally.
Katrina Kaif is also supposedly getting her own doll. She may be a bollywood actress and gorgeous,but well, but she's not INDIAN.
It made more sense when Kajol and Priyanka Chopra got their own limited edition Bollywood Legends dolls.


Saimese said...

I cannot agree more with you when you say that the crown for the most gorgeous Indian face ever belongs to Sridevi. The woman is beautiful even at this age, still has a banging body, amazing skin, & an awesome style.

Oh, & I'm liking your blog even though I'm not much into Bollywood gossip, but I love seeing all the pics & fashion sense of the actresses! Keep it up

JJC said...

thank you very much..appreciate that. i want to incorporate a little bit of everything in here