Thursday, September 18, 2008

Karisma walks the ramp ..

Karisma Kapoor walked the ramp for a designer named Manish Ganwani. It was nice to see her in something other than her everyday black and white. I think she looked absolutely fabulous in that outfit. In her own words, "it fit [her] personality." I'm not into the long velvet kameez look but she made it work in the 90's and she makes it work in 2008! (do I see it making a comeback?)


Here's a link of Karisma walking the ramp.


Nahid Islam said...

i agree with u..she looks hot..
but i doubt that will make a comeback..too much material

Anonymous said...

omg velvet.. you its its my dushman.. we all had one in our teenage years and I hated it.. but she pulled it off nicely.. as she does everything.. good for karisma! :)